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Pacific Coast Power Washing Ltd.: Exterior Cleaning

With the help of the team at Pacific Coast Power Washing Ltd., you can protect your home and help it maintain its appearance for many years to come. If you need exterior cleaning services in Victoria, our experienced team will offer you both hot and cold water options for our power washing services.

We Clean Strata Complexes, Townhomes, Estates, and More

You want to “wow” people when they first come to your home, and that’s where we come in! Our services include:

Moss removal on strata complexes and private residences
Exterior cleaning of strata complexes and private residences
Exterior cleanup of high-rises
Cleaning of parking lots
Cleaning of parkades
Gum removal

Our team is available early mornings and late nights, at your convenience, and we will port all water to you. Contact us today to set up an appointment or to get a free estimate on the cost of your power washing service.

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